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Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People | Kelly Hansard | Austin, TX

Making healthier choices can sometimes be a lot easier said than done. Some people are so busy that they don’t have time to make good choices about what they eat. They end up with fast food, processed food, and other unhealthy options. But here are a few tips for making healthier eating choices! Prepare Meals AheadContinue reading “Healthy Eating Tips for Busy People | Kelly Hansard | Austin, TX”

Finding the Best Jobs in Tech | Kelly Hansard | Austin, TX

Getting access to Tech job listings is not an easy task as a job seeker. The whole process requires skill, talent, and patience. Many job seekers are constantly looking for ways to land the best jobs, understand how to put their skills to use, and thrive in tech careers. Crunchboard Under TechCrunch, Crunchboard lists or connects oneContinue reading “Finding the Best Jobs in Tech | Kelly Hansard | Austin, TX”

Airline Etiquette for Frequent Flyers | Kelly Hansard | Austin, TX

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there were 146 incidents on airlines in 2019. In 2021, there were 1,081 investigations of incidents involving unruly passengers. Obviously, there are problems with passengers who don’t know how to behave in a respectful manner. In an era when mask mandates, TSA checks, and other inconveniences are already causingContinue reading “Airline Etiquette for Frequent Flyers | Kelly Hansard | Austin, TX”

Planning the Perfect Themed Party | Kelly Hansard

A themed party is a great way to celebrate key events and occasions. It can be a great way to involve everyone and make the event memorable. Bobby McGee’s, a unique event venue in Melbourne, has helped create some of the most memorable themed parties around. They talked about some of their tips and tricksContinue reading “Planning the Perfect Themed Party | Kelly Hansard”

Tips for Growing as an Engineer | Kelly Hansard

A career in engineering can be challenging, especially if it’s your first job. It can be hard to find the time and energy to grow. Here are five tips to help you get started on your path of growth. Find and Close Gaps It’s common to get confused with technical terms in meetings, especially when your teammatesContinue reading “Tips for Growing as an Engineer | Kelly Hansard”

How to Pass Time on a Flight | Kelly Hansard

No matter the time or distance, flying can be tough to get through. Sitting in one place for hours with not much to do is never fun, but there are many ways to pass the time. Here are some of the things you can do to pass the time while on your next flight: Watch movies ThisContinue reading “How to Pass Time on a Flight | Kelly Hansard”

Foods that Will Wake You Up More Than Coffee | Kelly Hansard

Have you ever wondered what foods make your day more productive and impactful than coffee? Undoubtedly, caffeine is a powerful stimulant for those who depend on it, but there are also other ways to become more alert.  People do whatever they can to stay awake and alert. Psychologists and dietitians alike say that there areContinue reading “Foods that Will Wake You Up More Than Coffee | Kelly Hansard”

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022 | Kellly Hansard

As the world prepares to exit the pandemic, many businesses are still grappling with the uncertainty of how technology will play a role in the new normal. Due to the complexity of today’s infrastructures, many businesses are also vulnerable to new threats. As a result, CSOs must help their organizations keep up with the regulations.Continue reading “Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022 | Kellly Hansard”

Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers | Kelly Hansard

Solo female travel is becoming more and more popular every year. More and more women realize that they don’t need a man by their side to have an amazing adventure. There are many great destinations for solo female travelers, and in this post, we will discuss some of the best ones! 1. Tokyo, Japan TokyoContinue reading “Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers | Kelly Hansard”